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Since 2014, Reddcoin has envisioned creating the first blockchain platform to use personalized IDs for social media tipping.

Our dedicated team of volunteer developers and community has made this vision a reality.

We are proud to announce the public release of ReddID!

Features Include:

  • Register your own unique "ReddID" name
  • Link your "ReddID" to your own account on Reddit, Twitter, Facebook and more social networks.
  • Ongoing addition of new sites, open source software and plugins for web devs.
  • Send tips to "ReddID" users with a single button click.
  • Invite your friends to join the "ReddID" revolution.
  • ReddID Tipping System - now with one-click install and update through Google Play Store as an Extension.
  • Hold your RDD in a light browser wallet, no more waiting for blockchain sync.
  • Search other ReddID users by name and follow tipping activity across the web.
Reddcoin Redd ID Blockchain social media tipping
Frictionless microtransactions with a Chrome extension could be the missing link.

Is The Reddcoin ReddID Wallet The Answer For Online Tipping?

Reddcoin launched its ReddID wallet to the public yesterday and says its one step closer to the ultimate goal of becoming the monetized ‘Like’ button of the internet.

Tipping online creators is nothing new and Patreon leads the way, but the blockchain has the capacity to make this process seamless and simple. Lower transaction charges and secure systems could create a new media ecosystem where advertising falls by the wayside and microtransactions between the consumer and the independent content creator become the new normal.

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The Social Currency

Reddcoin makes digital currency easy for the general public. By integrating a digital currency platform seamlessly with major social networks, sending and receiving tips and micro-transactions are cheap, fast and rewarding for everyone.

Reddcoin social currency blockchain tipping

Personalized Tipping Platform

For Fans:
Show support to content creators and the people in your online community by tipping them RDD digital currency they can spend however they like.

For Content Creators:
Accept Reddcoin on your social media channel as a revenue channel that you can save or spend quick and easily.

Getting Started

Step 1

Download Wallet


Why install the wallet core? Simply because it is the safest place to keep your RDD and above all because, thanks to the staking, you can earn 5% a year and with an almost zero current commitment!

Step 2

Get Some Reddcoin


Reddcoin are easy to transfer no matter what device you are using. They have zero fees, are safe thanks to the security of our blockchain, and they are eco-friendly because they offer you the possibility to earn without power consumption.

Step 3

Get Social


Use your RDD on social networks! That's why Reddcoin was born, to spread all over the internet. So many ways to show support through contest, initiatives, and the large community already giving tips with Reddcoin!

Block Time (10x faster than Bitcoin)
Interest Rate
RDD at the end of PoW
~ billion

What Makes Reddcoin Unique?

What Others Are Saying

By focusing on being a currency for social networking, Reddcoin will, most likely, become the currency for these systems, and thus the currency for the microtransactions they power.

Dustin O’Bryant, 


Reddcoin has made a revolutionary move and has created a concept that may be key to their survival against Asic mining hardware, as well as providing its investors an incentive of 5% interest.

— Jason De Costa, The Cryptocoin Chronicle

Reddcoin as a cryptocurrency allows an easy and reliable way to send money between friends and followers alike.

— Juergen Hoebarth, Yahoo News

Reddcoin is a very ambitious coin, and is certainly a coin to watch in the future, as it is growing quickly and has an active community.

— Drew Cordell, Cryptocoins News

The idea on which Reddcoin is based, alone can garner innumerable followers within a short period of time.

— Yashu Gola, Forex Minute

Tip Platform

A decentralized tip platform that allows people to send and receive digital currency on social networks to anyone in the world and to support content creators through donations.


Eco-Friendly Staking

An innovative algorithm that encourages both ownership (Stake) and activity (Velocity). PoSV solves issues in traditional PoW & PoS algorithms and eliminate wasteful consumption of electricity for mining.


A unique service provided at the blockchain level which allows a user to associate a username with rich information including public keys and social network identities.

Redd Wallet

A state-of-the-art wallet that provides various social features to increase engagement among users which improves security of the decentralized network.

The Team

These passionate people are responsible for making Reddcoin a reality. All members have gained a lot of experience in their respective expertise before joining Reddcoin, this allows the team to be small but also powerful.