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Archive for March 2014

[Reddcoin Tipbots] Introducing new command +summary

Fellow Reddheads: I’ve added a new command +summary to Reddcoin tipbots (Twitter and to show the total number of Reddcoin you have tipped and received. Enjoy! Regards laudney P.S. This new command doesn’t work for Reddit tipbot because it runs on a different sever. In the near future we will migrate its database so…

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[FAQ] Can we have a tipbot for social network XYZ?

Fellow Reddheads: Below I provide information on Reddcoin tipbots: what’s the current status of development for each social network; is it feasible; if not, why. I’ll keep updating this post in due course. Please leave comment if I missed any one. Regards laudney Reddit: fully functional Twitter: fully functional fully functional The tipbot already…

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On track to hit 10k Reddheads by end of month

Dear Fellow Reddheads: For the last 6 days we have been welcoming >400 new Reddheads per day. If the rate stays at this level, we are on track to hit 10k Reddheads by the end of month, which will be truly incredible! I know some of you are feeling a bit down due to the…

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[Project Proposal] Multipool that pays Reddcoin

Fellow Reddheads, Hereby we have a proposal to all of you, especially miners and pool owners, to build a multipool that mines the most profitable Altcoins and pays in Reddcoins, instead of BTC. Why? I personally would love to point my GPU to this pool 🙂 This way the multipool becomes a price supporter rather…

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