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Archive for September 2014

Reddcoin community website

Hello community, Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been working with some members of the Reddcoin team to revamp some of the functionality on the Reddcoin community website . This activity was born of an initial discussion I had with laudney regarding taking on the role of chief editor for the website. Although the team…

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[Wallet] Qt v1.4 + Electrum desktop v1.0.2 + 1Million RDD design contest

Dear fellow Reddheads: Reddcoin full-chain wallets (Qt + daemon) v1.4.0.0 This is a highly recommended upgrade due to the numerous fixes and new features, including: Improved parameters for optimal staking (transaction sizes are automatically kept between 1.5m-2m RDD) New official DNS seeds in Asia and Europe New RPC call getinterest to show interests received through…

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[Reddcoin Electrum] need volunteers to host servers

Dear fellow Reddheads: In coming days, we’ll release the public alpha of Reddcoin Electrum desktop wallets. Before that, we need some volunteers from the community to host Electrum servers (in addition to our official ones). You only need three things: A domain name A Linux server Follow the detailed instructions in this guide If you…

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[Tipbots] Minor upgrade completed

Dear fellow Reddheads: Some of you requested me to remove the requirement for trailing ” RDD” or ” Reddcoins” in all tipping commands and now this feature is available on all tipbots. I’ve also consolidated the servers and made miscellaneous minor fixes. Let me know if anything doesn’t work as expected. Enjoy. laudney

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