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You can use these assets on your app (website or mobile app) without pre-approval provided you follow these basic guidelines. Use of Reddcoin brands in ways not expressly covered by this document is not allowed without prior written consent from Reddcoin.

Reddcoin logo

Reddcoin font

Reddcoin colors

Reddcoin Brand ing Color Guide

Spacing considerations

Please try to keep the spacing we have included in the sample images. We suggest at least 10 - 25% white-space spacing between the Reddcoin logo(s) and other design elements.


The 'R' in Reddcoin is always capitalized.

The 'c' in Reddcoin is not capitalized.

There is no spacing between Redd and coin - it is one word.

Reddcoin tagline

The official Reddcoin tag line is "The Social Currency" - Please do not edit or change this tag line. Every leading letter should be capitalized.


Please try to be direct when using Reddcoin's brand. Please do not use our branding materials on confusing ways or ways that suggest sponsorship, endorsement, affiliation or anything in similar nature.

Please do not change the Reddcoin logo in any way.

Please check with us before using our logo on products, packaging, or any commercial use. It is OK to advertise that your product uses Reddcoin or works with Reddcoin.

Please include statements, such as "(Name) is not affiliated with or endorsed and sponsored by Reddcoin" on your website or product unless otherwise specified.