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New Listing: @reddcoin is now available to place buy and sell orders with the pairs, USD, GBP, and EURO. Sign up, verify, and buy Reddcoin in under 5 minutes!  With Vertbase’s simple and secure process you can buy and sell digital assets with USD, GBP, or Euro. Order prices are locked in at the…

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Reddcoin listed on the Indian KoinOK Exchange

We are happy to announce that Reddcoin is now available for people from India, as Reddcoin is now listed on one of their exchanges: KoinOK. Reddcoin can now be bought, sold and traded using India Rupees (RDD/INR). As a welcome promotion, KoinOK has over 200,000 RDD in giveaways in deposit and trading reward contests.

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Reddcoin listed on BiteBTC Exchange

Reddcoin is proud to announce that BiteBTC exchange has listed Reddcoin (RDD/BTC). This exchange is based in Singapore, so we are confident the Singaporean traders – and those worldwide – will find their way to Reddcoin via BiteBTC. By starting this cooperation, BiteBTC plans to actively attract large institutional investors to trade ReddCoin, and this…

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[Update] The latest update from Cryptsy

Hi guys We have been monitoring the network non-stop for 2 days and communicating with Cryptsy with all the information we obtained. Below is the latest official response from Cryptsy by email. Cryptsy has now bumped the minimum number of confirmations for deposit to 999. We however suggest all users exercise extreme caution in major…

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