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Reddcoin in the BITA 50 crypto market index

Reddcoin Core is pleased to announce that we’ve been informed that the quality of our coin, community, and intrinsic awesomeness of team, technology and supporters have led BITA Data, a cryptocurrency information provider, to include Reddcoin in their crypto market index, the BITA 50 (B50). Allowing for larger institutions to easily find, research and invest…

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It is official: Reddcoin is a Utility Token!

Reddcoin Core is pleased to announce that on June 4th, 2018, working with Reddcoin Solutions¬†LLC and suitable legal counsel, we have obtained required legal documentation defining Reddcoin (RDD) as a Utility Token, rather than a Security (or Securitized) Token. Obtaining this document has been a long-awaited and required step for many of the larger and…

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Reddcoin listed on the Indian KoinOK Exchange

We are happy to announce that Reddcoin is now available for people from India, as Reddcoin is now listed on one of their exchanges: KoinOK. Reddcoin can now be bought, sold and traded using India Rupees (RDD/INR). As a welcome promotion, KoinOK has over 200,000 RDD in giveaways in deposit and trading reward contests.

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Reddcoin listed on BiteBTC Exchange

Reddcoin is proud to announce that BiteBTC exchange has listed Reddcoin (RDD/BTC). This exchange is based in Singapore, so we are confident the Singaporean traders – and those worldwide – will find their way to Reddcoin via BiteBTC. By starting this cooperation, BiteBTC plans to actively attract large institutional investors to trade ReddCoin, and this…

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Ask Me Anything March 2018

The #Reddcoin Core Team held an “AMA” (Ask Me Anything) Question & Answer session on Saturday, March 17th, which can be found here. In this AMA, the best, or most appropriate questions with their answers are presented, and we hope this will be the first in a series of engagements with the team. This AMA…

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