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Decentralised public proofs of social network identities

Dear fellow Reddheads: A crucial piece of Social X is a decentralised system that allows storage and verification of public proofs of a person’s social network identities. For example, to send Reddcoin to a person on Youtube, we need to first verify that the Youtube user (represented by a username) is the actual owner of…

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[How-to] re-sync blockchain 3x faster

Dear fellow Reddheads: Hidden in wallet is a feature called bootstrap. It allows a new Reddcoin client (not synced) to rapidly import the blockchain from a local file instead of slowly downloading it from peers on Internet. On my laptop it reduces the import time from 4.5 hours to 1.5 hours. You just need…

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[How-To] Tip Reddcoins through private messages

Dear fellow Reddheads: Some of you have asked about whether it’s possible to tip someone on Reddit through private messages. Yes you can. The method so far is not documented and will be added to Wiki shortly. The command is: +/u/reddtipbot @laudney 100 RDD You should put the entire command above in the body of…

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