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It’s been 90 days! IPCO distribution is over!

IPCO distribution is over! But Reddcoin, what is an IPCO? Initial Public Coin Offering (IPCO) When Reddcoin was first introduced, the development team introduced an Initial Public Coin Offering of 5.45 billion Reddcoins in exchange for Bitcoin from interested investors. This money raised would be used to support in the development, publicity, and support of…

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IPCO Final Result

Result are now final and the first payment was sent! Please make sure you have receive 1.111% of the total coins you are entitled to (Total coins column / 90). If you didn’t receive 1.111%, contact us. If you didn’t receive your payment, did you send your Reddcoin address? We sent an email last…

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IPCO is closed

Hi everyone, IPCO is closed. Wow, 168.8 BTC pledged from 386 investor, this is great. Reddcoin will definitively be an awesome project and I want to thanks everyone who decided to participate. The coins amount you see in the table are not final yet. Tomorrow, I will look at the recent transactions to make sure…

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