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Inside the Reddcoin Team – February 2019

­ While every cryptocurrency and blockchain project is a little different from every other, overall, many projects face the same challenges. Navigating in an industry that is just beginning to create its own rules and legal guidelines can be incredibly challenging, and assembling a team capable of meeting and overcoming these requirements has proven to…

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It is official: Reddcoin is a Utility Token!

Reddcoin Core is pleased to announce that on June 4th, 2018, working with Reddcoin Solutions LLC and suitable legal counsel, we have obtained required legal documentation defining Reddcoin (RDD) as a Utility Token, rather than a Security (or Securitized) Token. Obtaining this document has been a long-awaited and required step for many of the larger and…

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Reddcoin community website

Hello community, Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been working with some members of the Reddcoin team to revamp some of the functionality on the Reddcoin community website . This activity was born of an initial discussion I had with laudney regarding taking on the role of chief editor for the website. Although the team…

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