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[PoSV] Time to enable staking

Dear fellow Reddheads: As we enter the final countdown, please make sure you will enable staking and keep your wallet up and running. QT Wallet At the bottom right corner of the QT wallet GUI, you should see the second icon with a grey upward arrow. If you move your mouse over, it should say…

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[PoSV] block difficulty will reset when PoSV kicks in

Dear fellow Reddheads: Just a quick note. The block difficulty, starting from the first PoSV block, will be reset to 1 because its value during PoW phase has nothing to do with PoSV phase. Our difficulty-retargeting algorithm KGW requires at minimum 360 (= 1440 / 4) blocks for adjustment, which means we will see 360…

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[PoSV] adds almost zero extra size to blockchain

Dear Reddheads: Some people in the crypto community have been making the following incorrect statement for some time: PoSV will cause the blockchain size to explode. The huge number of transactions used or encouraged by PoSV will not only make the blockchain bloat but distort the total number of transactions. I’d like to put this…

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[PoSV] Official Release v1.3.0.0 Mandatory Upgrade

Dear fellow Reddheads: PoSV is now officially released. You can download the PoSV wallet v1.3.1.0 for Windows/Linux/Mac at this link. PoSV will start at block 260800 which is expected to be minted around 7pm UTC, 2nd August 2014. (Who will be the lucky one?) The total amount of RDD mined in PoW phase will be…

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[PoSV] Release Candidate 2, Chess and Future

Dear fellow Reddheads: In this post, I’m going to cover three topics: PoSV Release Candidate 2, a review of the current strategic position of Reddcoin and update on upcoming milestones. PoSV Release Candidate 2 PoSV RC2 binaries are now available for download here . This is for testnet only. You shouldn’t have to re-sync blockchain.…

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