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Q&A with Devs

“Hello World!” Reddcoin energizes with a Dev Team Video AMA!

24 hours ago, Team Reddcoin (RDD) hosted its 1st Video AMA to the world. TechAdept (Jay Laurence) and CryptoGnasher (John Nash) reached out to the Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, and other communities that would be interested in hearing the latest news along with other key members of the team and community. In addition to the pre-scheduled…

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[Q&A with Dev] Post your questions

Dear fellow Reddheads: After the successful launch of PoSV, which has been working beautifully so far, we entered another brief “release-lite-yet-work-heavy” period. Members of the dev team are working on different projects as described in our roadmap, e.g. Android wallet, iOS wallet, hierarchical deterministic wallet, Social X, next-gen tipping platform etc. These voluntary efforts will…

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[Ask Dev #3] Q&A with Reddcoin Developers

Dear Reddheads First, we’d like to introduce two young stars of the dev team: /u/hoppipoppipolla and /u/lionzeye. Hoppi is working on our (highly classified) next-generation wallet which will replace the current Windows-3.1-look’ish QT wallet that plagues the entire altcoin world. Lionzeye has been working on an Android light-wallet using ReddAPI and a Reddcoin-based crowd funding…

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[Ask Dev #2] Weekly Q&A with Reddcoin Developers

Dear fellow Reddheads: Please post your questions below and members of the Reddcoin dev team will answer as many as possible. This week we have a few questions for you: 1) Do you like tipping food/drink/gift e.g. beer, hug? Is there anything you want us to add? 2) Do you like using browser extensions in…

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[Ask Dev] Reddcoin Weekly Q&A with Developers

Dear fellow Reddheads: We’d like to start a weekly thread where you can ask all developers any thoughtful question, whether it’s related to PoSV, Reddcoin voucher/gift, lightweight Android wallet, ReddAPI, mining pools… Post your questions below and we’ll try to answer as many as possible. Regards Reddcoin Developers

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