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[Tipbots] Minor upgrade completed

Dear fellow Reddheads: Some of you requested me to remove the requirement for trailing ” RDD” or ” Reddcoins” in all tipping commands and now this feature is available on all tipbots. I’ve also consolidated the servers and made miscellaneous minor fixes. Let me know if anything doesn’t work as expected. Enjoy. laudney

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Reddit tipbot offline for upgrade

Dear fellow Reddheads: Our Reddit tipbot is now offline as we upgrade the servers and implement a couple of minor features. We expect it to be back later today. All the other tipbots are working fine. Thank you for your understanding and patience. Regards laudney

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[Social X] Architecture of A Decentralised System for Social Payment and Services

Dear fellow Reddheads: It’s been a month since the successful launch of PoSV, which marked the end of stage one of Reddcoin project. There were three main goals for stage one: fair distribution of Reddcoin to common users (tipping), miners (mining) and investors (IPCO). an innovative algorithm to secure the network and encourage ownership, participation…

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Reddcoin unveils next-generation social wallet, platform and starts transition to proprietary Proof of Stake Velocity

Dear fellow Reddheads: Today we’d like to announce three pieces of news: next-generation social walletOur young star /u/hoppipoppipolla has been working on our next-gen social wallet for months. It’s the first ever fully functional cryptocurrency wallet that integrates various social features such as IRC chat, news feed, and official announcement. It has been designed to…

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[Reddcoin Tipbots] Introducing new command +summary

Fellow Reddheads: I’ve added a new command +summary to Reddcoin tipbots (Twitter and to show the total number of Reddcoin you have tipped and received. Enjoy! Regards laudney P.S. This new command doesn’t work for Reddit tipbot because it runs on a different sever. In the near future we will migrate its database so…

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