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Reddcoin Social Wallet is now open-source

Dear fellow Reddheads: We are happy to announce that Reddcoin social wallet is now open source under GNU Licence v2. It’s a cross-platform desktop application written in Javascript, based on nodewebkit and AngularJS frameworks. Although it has some compatibility issues under Mac OS X and some other outstanding issues, it’s an excellent attempt at improving…

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Official release for Qt wallet and reddcoind v1.4.1.0

Dear fellow Reddheads: I’ve committed the fix that makes staking stuck when certain blocks with abnormal timestamps are accepted and made a new release v. This is not a fork of any kind, just a routine fix. I urge everyone to upgrade ASAP, especially stakers. I’m only able to release the binary for Mac OS…

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Regarding the few long block intervals on Reddcoin network

Sorry guys. I’m on a business trip so only saw this last night. I’d like to clarify some technical details. First, it’s incorrect to say the Reddcoin network is down. The network works as it should: nodes relay block and transaction information to each other and most importantly all the nodes on the network agree…

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[Wallet] Qt v1.4 + Electrum desktop v1.0.2 + 1Million RDD design contest

Dear fellow Reddheads: Reddcoin full-chain wallets (Qt + daemon) v1.4.0.0 This is a highly recommended upgrade due to the numerous fixes and new features, including: Improved parameters for optimal staking (transaction sizes are automatically kept between 1.5m-2m RDD) New official DNS seeds in Asia and Europe New RPC call getinterest to show interests received through…

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