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Statistics & Info

Take an in-depth look at all the interesting data and analytics behind Redd, our blockchain and various products.
Official Redd Wiki
Visit our general Wiki website that covers a lot of Redd’s history and general information.
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Real-time Server/API Status
Check to see a real-time view of the current state of our servers and various websites.
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BitInfoCharts Redd Stats
Get super detailed analytics on ReddCoin (RDD), its price, market cap and our blockchain.
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Redd Rewards Staking Stats
This resource contains periodic updates on ReddCoin’s staking metrics and coin supply.
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Developer Resources

Below is a variety of community-generated resources that will help get you started and get you building right away.
Official Redd Github
Check out our official Github to see what we’re working on and how you can contribute.
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Binaries & Bootstrap Files
Get access to all our latest binaries and bootstrap files including previous versions.
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Dockerized Code
If you would like to get up and running relatively quickly, use our Dockerized codebase.
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Using Node.JS with Redd
A great community-generated Node.JS API toolset to interact directly with our blockchain.
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Forging Block Payment API
This is a comprehensive payment API provided by one of our partners Forging Block.
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GoUrl Payment API
Another power API provided by GoURL to make payments possible using their platform.
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GetBlock Staking Nodes
A valued partner of Redd who we recommend if you would like to setup your own Redd staking nodes.
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Ankr Staking Nodes
Another great solution for staking ReddCoin (RDD) if you want to run a Redd node on a virtual server.
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Block Explorers

Below is a variety of blockchain explorers that allow you to interact with the blockchain and investigate transactions.
Official Redd Explorer
Get access to the Official Redd blockchain explorer for general and comprehensive information.
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Tokenview Explorer
Enjoy a different user experience and level of data analytics using the Tokenview Explorer.
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BitInfoCharts Explorer
Detailed information on the blocks produced and other helpful metrics can be found in BitInfoCharts.
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Create Something Awesome

We have created a new product that will help designers, developers and companies create websites for their startups quickly and easily.
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Talk with fellow Redd developers and get assistance on our developer Slack channel.
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Visit our GitHub
Check out our Github to see what we're working on and how you can contribute.
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