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The wait is over! ReddID is alive!

Reddcoin Redd ID Blockchain social media tipping

Features Include:

  • Register your own unique "ReddID" name
  • Link your "ReddID" to your own account on Reddit, Twitter, Facebook and more social networks.
    • Ongoing addition of new sites, open source software and plugins for web devs.
  • Send tips to "ReddID" users with a single button click.
  • Invite your friends to join the "ReddID" revolution.
  • ReddID Tipping System - now with one-click install and update through Google Play Store as an Extension.
  • Hold your RDD in a light browser wallet, no more waiting for blockchain sync.
  • Search other ReddID users by name and follow tipping activity across the web.

LAUNCH NOTE FROM REDDCOIN CORE TEAM: In the last steps of our readying for launch we found were not able to successfully transition from our ".tester" naming domain to the new production ".reddid" name. As we felt it was far more important to release the otherwise complete software we've worked so hard on within our promised and committed window, we opted to go through launch on the existing test chain. We will schedule a day in the near future to take down the system briefly and migrate all data over to the naming it should be under. We expect this to be simply a cosmetic issue, and all ReddIDs and links created with the software on launch will remain intact through any of these changes. If you have questions, feel free to come ask us in Telegram or on any of our other channels.

Redd ID Social Tipping Screen
Redd ID Chrome Extension Home Screen
Reddcoin Redd ID Social Media tipping setup
Redd ID Social Tipping Wallet
Redd ID Chrome Extension