One Tipping Bot to Rule them All

Available on 5 Social Media Platforms
Tip users with our ReddBots running on Twitter, Reddit, Twitch, Telegram and Discord.
Tip ReddCoin on Video Streams & Live Chat
Integrate Reddbots into your live Twitch streams or chat groups on Telegram and Discord.
Create a Wallet
Get started by registering to create a new Redd wallet address (not required on Telegram).
Tip ReddCoin (RDD)
Tip your favourite content creator’s posts, chat groups, and live video streams with ReddCoin (RDD).
Deposit & Withdraw
Easily deposit and withdraw your ReddCoin from any social platform with a single command.
Check your Balance
If ever in doubt, you can quickly check to see how much ReddCoin you have on each platform.

Basic Tipping Commands

Action Twitter, Reddit & Twitch Telegram & Discord
Sign-up +register /register (not required on Telegram)
View Commands +info /commands
Deposit RDD +deposit /deposit
View Balance +balance /balance
Tip a User @tipreddcoin +tip [@user] [amount] /tip [@user] [amount]
Tip Everyone Not Available /rain [amount]
Withdraw RDD +withdraw [address] [amount] /withdraw [address] [amount]

We’re still building so stay tuned for more cool stuff!

  • ReddBots coming to other social platforms
  • Easier and more unified commands
  • Universal accounts across platforms
  • And much more!
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