The Power of ReddCoin

A social cryptocurrency that allows you to tip, share, and donate on all major social media networks around the world.
Borderless Users
Fast Transactions
Secure Network
Low-to-Zero Fees
Easy-to-use Apps
You control your coins

Used in Over 50 Countries

ReddCoin (RDD) is currently being used in 50+ countries and is actively traded around the world on 10 cryptocurrency markets. It’s our continuing goal to make it easily accessible to as many people as possible.
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Circulating Supply
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Key Highlights

Below is a brief summary of the key benefits to ReddCoin and its underlying technology which makes it a great social currency.
Tip on Social Media
Instead of liking posts, tip, share, and donate ReddCoin to your favourite content creators on all major social media networks.
Send it Anywhere
ReddCoin is a digital currency that can be sent from anywhere to anyone in the world without the need of a 3rd party to facilitate the transaction.
It’s a Cryptocurrency
ReddCoin is a cryptographically secure digital currency which uses some of the most advanced technology to protect your coins.
Uses Blockchain Technology
ReddCoin runs on a secure decentralized peer-to-peer network called a blockchain where no one entity can compromise the network.
Your 100% in Control
In this new era of decentralized technology, only you have access to your coins. No one can control your ReddCoin but you.
60s Transaction Times
Enjoy fast and secure transactions as all transactions are broadcasted immediately with up to 60 second confirmation times.
10x Faster Than Bitcoin
If you’ve used Bitcoin you know it can take up to several hours to complete a transaction. The ReddCoin network is 10 times faster than Bitcoin.
Low Transaction Fees
Experience $0 transaction fees using ReddCoin unless you want to pay an optional low-fee for priority sending functionality.
How to buy

Get ReddCoin (RDD) and start tipping your favourite content creators today!


Go to an Exchange
Signup & create an account


Buy ReddCoin
Using BTC, ETH and/or USDT


Send it to a ReddWallet
Start to tip, share and donate
Redd Core Wallet

Download the latest desktop wallet

Windows 64-bit
Windows 32-bit
LinuxOS 64-bit

Crypto exchanges you can buy ReddCoin

Below is a collection of popular cryptocurrency exchanges where you can easily buy and sell ReddCoin (RDD) around the world.

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