Reliable, Fast & Secure

ReddCoin operates on top of the ReddNetwork, which is a secure decentralized peer-to-peer blockchain that no single entity can control, shut down or compromise.
The ReddNetwork

A Self-Sustainable Network that Empowers Growth and Adoption

Open Source
Anyone can build products and services that utilize ReddCoin and its blockchain network.
The ReddNetwork is a peer-to-peer run network with no central server or place of attack.
The network generates new ReddCoins to fund future development and reward users.
Proof-Of-Stake-Velocity (POSV)

Encourages Ownership and Activity

The ReddNetwork utilizes an innovative protocol called Proof of Stake Velocity (PoSV) which encourages users to hold (or “stake”) their ReddCoin inside a ReddWallet to help operate the network and also reward them for spending the coins as a medium of exchange.

Designed to Help the World

A percentage of the ReddCoins automatically generated by the network is used to fund the Redd charity program which is used to make small and large impacts on mankind as the project continues to grow and gain adoption.

Key Highlights

Below is a brief summary of the ReddNetwork and its benefits that makes it a trusted and self-sustainable network.
Secure & Battle Tested
The ReddNetwork has been operating successfully without incident or security breach since it was created back in 2014.
60s Transaction Times
Enjoy fast and secure transactions as all transactions are broadcasted immediately with up to 60 second confirmation times.
10x Faster Than Bitcoin
If you’ve used Bitcoin you know it can take up to several hours to complete a transaction. The ReddCoin network is 10 times faster than Bitcoin.
Run by Volunteers
Redd is one of the few projects in this space that was completely built by people who devoted their free time to make this project a reality.
Self-Funded Network
New ReddCoins generated by the network are used to fund future development, reward users and support social initiatives.
Low Transaction Fees
Experience $0 transaction fees using ReddCoin (RDD) unless you want to pay an optional low-fee for priority sending functionality.
Repatriation Fund
A portion of ReddCoins (RDD) generated by the network are to be used to help Reddheads who have verifiably lost their funds.
Earn Staking Rewards
Support the network by leaving your ReddWallet open on your computer to earn up to 25% annual returns on your ReddCoin holdings.

Help Support the Network

Download the ReddWallet for desktop, deposit ReddCoin and start staking. While the program is running it will help verify and process transactions on the network.
Store, Send & Receive
Use ReddWallet to manage and send
value on your desktop computer.
Stake ReddCoins (RDD)
The wallet is also used to stake ReddCoin
and earn up to 25% in annual returns.
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