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And this is Just the Start!

After launching ReddShare in July of this year we’ve had a great start as we slowly roll out a variety of new features. Look towards the end of this year for our next major release of ReddShare.
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Why is ReddShare so Awesome?

This is a new innovative way to incentivize existing and new followers to organically share social posts by their favourite artists and brands.


Reward Your Followers
Incentivize your existing followers to share & grow your brand.
Get Higher Quality Leads
ReddShare promotes your tweets to organic like-minded users.
Increase Your Following
Tap into the existing & new networks of people who like your posts.
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Share Posts You Like
Help your favourite brands or artists grow by sharing their posts.
Earn ReddCoin (RDD)
By sharing social posts on our platform you’ll earn free ReddCoin.
Monetize Your Followers
The more followers you have the more ReddCoin you can earn.
Earn ReddCoin (RDD)

How it Works?

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