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Reddcoin Web-ID Wallet


What is the Web-ID Wallet?

Web-ID is a web version of the upcoming Redd-ID. From a functional standpoint, it is fully compatible with Redd-ID and will be able to connect all of our partnerships and user locations with Web-ID.

Through Web-ID, you can transact Reddcoin by your own sentence or username. Also, Web-ID allows people to tip anytime, anywhere on their mobile phone or PC as long as they have a username on Web-ID.

The Web-ID transaction time is zero seconds, because it is transferred directly to the relative wallet and checked in real time through the transaction board.

Additional features and usage will be updated continuously. As Web-ID makes it possible to tip RDD easily, we will be conducting more activities to increase the number of users.

The Roadmap of Web-ID

Since this project is still under development, this roadmap will show the currently envisioned features. More to come!


Web-ID Roadmap